Safe Dental Sedation

We want every child to have a positive dental experience each time they visit our office. Our team enjoys putting smiles on kids’ faces and helping them maintain healthy smiles! Sometimes, a sensitive gag reflex, a case of wiggles, or dental anxiety can come between your child and a successful dental visit. That’s why we offer safe dental sedation in the Potomac, MD area to help children receive quality dental care in a comfortable environment. Nitrous oxide, a mild form of sedation, offers a safe and effective way to help children fully relax in the dental chair.

Nitrous Oxide

We are pleased to offer nitrous oxide as an option for parents when their children are in need of dental treatment or have special cases where sedation can help them receive the dental care that they need. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask that is placed over the child’s nose throughout their appointment. The dental sedation takes effect within minutes of wearing the mask. This form of sedation is mild enough that it won’t put your child to sleep, but will also allow them to feel comfortable and at ease throughout their visit. 

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide For Children

  • Your Child Will Be Awake – Nitrous oxide allows your child to still respond to our dentist and understand any instructions given. Your child can communicate at any time during their visit. 
  • Resume Your Normal Routine – When our dentist removes their mask, the sedation will begin to wear away immediately, allowing them to get back to their daily activities right away. They can even return to school following their visit.
  • Provides A Relaxed, Positive Experience – Nitrous oxide allows your child to sit through their dental visit completely at ease, relieving fear and anxiety. 
  • Helps Our Team Provide Quality Care – Whether your child is visiting for an exam or extensive treatment, nitrous oxide will allow our team to properly care for their smile.

A Safe Option For Kids

Nitrous oxide has stood the test of time, having been used successfully for more than 100 years. Nitrous oxide presents no lingering or long-term side effects, allowing your child to experience a safe and comfortable visit. Many children have already received quality care with the help of safe dental sedation, and our team feels confident that it can help children of all ages when they need it the most. If you have questions about dental sedation, our team can go over the best options for your child. 

Scheduling Your Child’s Visit

At Dentistry for Children, we put an emphasis on safety. Each child is treated with the utmost care and their best interest is always in mind. If you believe that dental sedation could benefit your child in receiving quality dental care, please let our team know. Our dentist can answer any questions you may have and discuss sedation options for future visits. Simply call our office today!

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