Pediatric Dentistry

At Dentistry for Children, we provide several ways to preserve and protect your child’s smile. Whether your child is due for a dental check-up or in need of additional treatment, we welcome children of all ages. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in the Potomac, MD area, we invite you to schedule a visit with our team!

Cleanings & Exams

A dental check-up includes both a cleaning and a dental exam. Your child’s dental hygienist will thoroughly clean their teeth and gums, removing plaque and tartar buildup. Following their cleaning, our dentist will examine their smile and take x-rays if needed. A dental exam gives our dentist a chance to take a close look at their teeth and gums to discover any signs of dental concerns, helping to prevent further problems down the road.


A dental crown is custom-made to cover an existing tooth. Crowns help preserve and protect natural teeth that have been damaged. A dental crown may also be needed following a root canal. A dental crown is designed to restore both the appearance and function of the tooth.


When decay has been removed from a tooth, a filling is used to restore the tooth and protect it from further damage. Fillings are tooth-colored and made to blend in naturally with your child’s smile. Once a filling has been placed, it can last for several years. 


Dental sealants can play an important part in preventing cavities in your child’s back molars. Sealants are thin, clear protective coverings that are applied to the back teeth to protect the deep crevices and hard-to-reach areas of your child’s smile. Once applied, dental sealants can last for many years. 


During a routine visit, our dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment. An application of concentrated fluoride is used to help strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are a fast and painless way to protect your child’s smile.

Tooth Extractions

In our office, we do everything we can to preserve natural teeth and avoid extractions. However, sometimes, tooth extraction can be the best thing for your child’s smile. Whether they have a crowded smile, injured tooth, or severe decay, an extraction can oftentimes prevent further dental problems. Dental sedation can aid in helping your child feel fully relaxed while our dentist carefully removes their tooth. 

Sports Mouthguards 

Because mouth injuries can cause lasting damage, our team highly recommends mouthguards for children involved in sports. A sports mouthguard is made to fit securely and comfortably, protecting your child’s smile while they play. 

Dental X-Rays

X-rays are used to take a closer look at your child’s smile. Dental x-rays can help detect early signs of tooth decay and aid in treatment planning. Regular x-rays are performed to help keep a child’s smile on the right track. 

Quality Care For Your Child

If your child is in need of dental care, we invite you to schedule a visit with our team. Pediatric dental care is designed to help your child build the foundation for a healthy smile. We love working with parents to keep children smiling! Request an appointment online or call our team today!

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